Are you the owner of land on which there is a mobile phone mast?

If so, you will probably be receiving rental income from a network operator. We are an investment company with over 10 years’ experience in buying in this market. We can make a competitive offer for the freehold of your land.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for freehold land with operating telecoms equipment on it

How would I benefit?:

  • A lump sum up front instead of an insecure income stream
  • An end to concerns about the operator leaving or worries about liabilities
  • An end to time-consuming and expensive legal agreements to sort out

I’m interested in realising the capital in my mast site, what should I do next?

  • Send a copy of your lease agreement to: Catherine Davidson, Woodland Investment Management Limited, 19 Half Moon Lane, London SE24 9JU
  • Email us at or phone 020 7737 0070 to talk it through with us

What will we do with your lease when we get it?

  • Your lease and any discussions with us will be in strict confidence
  • Our experienced team will work out a valuation
  • If we decide to make an offer, this will be a firm offer to purchase

What happens if we agree on a sale?

  • We are cash buyers and can purchase quickly.
  • We use conveyancers who are specialists in this field and who can process the sale smoothly
  • After sale, we work with specialist chartered surveyors who can ensure the best ongoing management of the site

What does the future hold?

Reform of the Electronic Communications Code and Implications for Landlords

The Department of Culture Media and Sport has just published its recommendations for reforming the Electronic Communications Code. The Code governs how telecoms operators work and their relationship with landlords. One of the key recommendations is that the existing structure for compensating landowners is radically overhauled. Against the advice of the CLA and other major stakeholders, it is recommended that open market valuation should be abandoned in favour of a “no scheme” valuation system. This would mean that a valuation could not take into account the use the land is put to. This, of course, would slash rents. The hope is that the big three telecoms operators will then use savings to invest in rural areas.

It is not clear yet how “no scheme” valuation would work in practice and whether DCMS envisages something like a wayleave/compulsory purchase system, but the implication seems to be that it will still require a lease agreement. In practice this would mean, for the landlord, the burden and responsibilities of a lease for a greatly reduced rent.

It is not planned to apply this retrospectively to existing agreements, but anyone with a lease at its end or nearing its end would be wise to seek advice. We anticipate that lease renewals will be on hold until the future is clearer, and heavy pressure applied to landlords to accept new terms.